Hi, I'm Laetitia (Le-ti-sha, meaning joy in latin ;)

I'm a mum of two, and a certified Relaxation & Sophrology Therapist based in Kings Heath, Stirchley, and Hall Green in Birmingham, UK -consulting online and in-person, in French and English. I specialise for children and expats/immigrants, and I have a special interest in offering complementary health therapy solutions to people dealing with cancer, long COVID, ADHD, sleep issues, depression, burn-out, and any chronic health conditions where stress and pain are major triggers.

Laetitia de Freslon

My Approach

Sophro by Nature was born from my passion for People and Nature, and my desire to promote a healthier and deeper connection between our body and mind, and the world around us. Sophro comes from the Greek "Sos" and "Phren" meaning awareness/balance of the Body-mind connection, and "by Nature" refers to the fact that this connection/awareness is natural - it is all within ourselves.

I use relaxation therapy along a holistic therapeutic method - called sophrology - that combines classic relaxation techniques with mindset coaching, and which blends the best of Western science (hypnotherapy, positive & behavioural psychology, relaxation techniques, guided imagery, NLP, counselling skills) and Eastern traditions (mindfulness, yoga, breathing, visualisation, meditation) to balance the body-mind connection and provide a more serene approach to life challenges. (see FAQ for more info on Sophrology).

All the techniques I use are advocated for by the NHS on their website and have been shown to be effective by research studies - my own background is in languages and in science with a (honour) MSc in Environmental Studies and Ecotourism from Edinburgh Napier University. I spent over 400 hours in training and supervised therapy for over two years in a state-accredited school in France to become a Relaxation and Sophrology Therapist :)

About Me

After I became a mum for the first time in the US, I was looking for a new way of being a working mother. When we moved to Luxembourg, I set up a project coming from my heart: working with children (babies and preschoolers) and their families. This led me to create my own Professional Training Center in Language Development and Nature Education in Luxembourg. Thanks to this experience, I've worked with people of all ages, walks of life, cultures and nationalities - parents and babies, young children with special needs, mums and dads to be, grandparents, language therapists, and early-years educators.

Working with parents and children also naturally led me to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle, general well-being, and the huge impact of stress and mindset on parenthood, health, and life in general. This is what started my life-long mission, and prompted me to train as a Relaxation and Sophrology Therapist: to provide support and ways to alleviate stress-related issues that I witnessed - much too often - in people's daily lives. My own experience living and working in various countries with different cultures expanded my cultural and diversity sensitivity - this is why I chose to specialise with children, families, and especially expatriates/immigrants and Third Culture Kids.

What I love most about my work is the flexible and therapeutic nature of the methods I use; one day I can prepare a pregnant mum for birth and dealing with pain and fear, the day after I can help a child deal with stress and anxiety, the next day I can help a client improve sleep issues, and the following day I can provide emotional and pain relief to someone going through chemotherapy... It is never boring and always feels so rewarding! As a holistic practitioner, I enjoy taking into account all aspect of your life(style), so that I can provide tools and techniques to empower but also guide you to another way of being yourself - a happier self :)

I've always be a Nature lover (I was a Climbing Instructor and trained in Primitive Skills and Nature Education too), and I combine this important value of mine with relaxation and sophrology when I design sessions for my clients, as I firmly believe that the natural world - our world - is a great source of appeasement.

In my spare time, I enjoy running, gardening, spending time in Nature, photography, reading, crafting with my kids, looking after my cats, guinea pig and hens, and experimenting with fermented food.

And I am now furthering my training to be a Counsellor :)

Areas of Expertise

  • Individuals and Groups
  • Pregnancy & Birth Preparation
  • Expats
  • Wellbeing at Work
  • Wellbeing Practice in Nature
  • Children & Schools
  • Sleep
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Complementary Therapy to Medical Treatments
  • Mindset & Self-Development